Laguna B-MIX 5 Clay

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Laguna B-MIX 5 Clay Features
Cone: 5-6
Wet colour: Light grey
Fired colour, oxidation: Cream
Fired colour, reduction: NA
Texture: Smooth
Consistency: Slightly firm
Average shrinkage: 12.0%
Average water absorption: 2.75%

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Laguna B-MIX 5 Clay is a smooth cream-white throwing clay is easy to throw and form. It has a smooth porcelain texture, but you will most likely find it a bit easier to control than typical porcelain bodies. Fires to a cream colour in oxidation. Cone 5.

Please note that some forms made with this clay can be pushed to cone 6, but the claybody does start to bloat and slump at that cone.

Laguna B-MIX 5 Clay Features
Cone: 5-6
Wet colour: Light grey
Fired colour, oxidation: Cream
Fired colour, reduction: NA
Texture: Smooth
Consistency: Slightly firm
Average shrinkage: 12.0%
Average water absorption: 2.75%

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