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CCG is the world’s largest Pottery & Ceramics and Garment Decorating supplier.  This largely unsubstantiated claim is possible due to the fact CCG is very likely the only Pottery & Ceramics and Garment Decorating supplier in the world. 

However, we will ignore this technicality as we have been supplying both for over 60 years!

So how do we provide you with pottery’s worldwide leading brands, as well as putting together cutting edge DTF, DTG and Screen Printing solutions?  Hard work, dedication, and copious amounts of strong coffee.

But seriously, we have top notch staff who are dedicated specialists specialising in their specific specialisations.  They really are as technical as the last sentence sounds.

We also moved into the purpose-built CCG World Headquarters in Albany, Auckland, in 2023.  Our new building has New Zealand’s largest pottery showroom on the ground floor, and New Zealand’s largest Garment Decorating demo showroom on the second floor. 

If you head to CCG WHQ, we have all the big Pottery & Ceramics equipment on display, and Garment Decorating solutions working and printing so you can try before you buy.  We live on the cutting edge, so the results need to be seen to be believed.

But don’t take our words for it, take a look around our website, its bloody amazing.  The best in both of our chosen industries here in New Zealand (and probably around the world), thanks to the propeller heads at N2/First Software.

But a flash website is wasted if you can’t walk the HTML coded talk.  We have a warehouse that can receive your order at 3pm, and deliver it to you the next day in the North Island.  And sometimes that will be in Australia as well.  If not, then generally within two days Trans-Tasman (as long as the DHL courier Gods are smiling).

Anyway, enough of us going on, give us a try and improve your Pottery & Ceramics and Garment Decorating experience today!


The CCG Team!

Instagram @ccg_pottery_ceramics

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