Primo Pro Nigra2002 Black Stoneware Clay

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Chamotte proportion: 20 %. chamotte size range: 0 - 0.2 mm ( black chamotte )

Firing Colour: black

Firing Temperature Range: 1000-1240ºC

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Primo Pro Nigra2002 Black Stoneware Clay is manufactured by a reputable European supplier and widely sold throughout Europe.  We have the manufacturers absolute assurance that this body (pigmented with manufactured stains) is safe to use and does not contain Manganese Oxide.

Primo Pro Nigra2002 Black Stoneware Clay is a stoneware body. It is suitable for plastic forming methods.

Chamotte proportion: 20 %. chamotte size range: 0 - 0.2 mm ( black chamotte )

Firing Colour: black

Recommended Firing Temperature Range: 1000-1240ºC

Technical Data (typical values)


Moisture: 20.0% plastic

Loss of Ignition: 5.0%

Wet to Dry Shrinkage: 6.8% plastic properties


Specimen Firing Temperature [ºC] 1200

Dry to Fired Shrinkage [%] 7.0

Water Absorption [%] 2.5

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Primo Pro Nigra2002 Black Stoneware Clay Reviews

5.0/5 based on 2 customer reviews

  • Loving the black clay saves me a job
  • Great clay to work with. If you want to do a black clay project. I get a great dark black when I fire as high as cone 5 (1190). Did inquire at the producer and they assured me as CCG informed later on as well that it isn't toxic to work with. It is made of black stain. This clay is used as a school clay in Germany so I think there is no danger here to use it. A bit tricky with clear glaze. Don't apply it too thick or if problem persists try with a zinc free one. Tests beforehand are always good :-).

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