Primo Pro RTM5015 Sculptural Stoneware Clay

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Chamotte proportion: 50 %. chamotte size range: 0 - 1.5 mm

Firing Colour: rose - yellow - green

Firing Temperature Range: 1000 - 1280 ºC

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Primo Pro RTM5015 Sculptural Stoneware Clay is a stoneware modelling body. particularly used for building up of big sculptures. Good characteristics in drying and firing resistance. because of the high chamotte proportion.

Chamotte proportion: 50 %. chamotte size range: 0 - 1.5 mm

Firing Colour: rose - yellow - green

Recommended Firing Temperature Range: 1000 - 1280 ºC

Technical Data


Moisture 19.0% plastic

Loss of Ignition 4.0%

Wet to Dry Shrinkage 4.5% plastic properties


Specimen Firing Temperature [ºC] 1200

Dry to Fired Shrinkage [%] 3.5

Water Absorption [%] 6.0

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