Keanes White Raku Clay

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Keanes White Raku Clay is widely used for a multitude of different applications - not limited to Raku temperatures. This versatile clay can be fired to stoneware. With a large content of fine grog, it retains excellent plasticity making it suitable for larger work.

Keanes White Raku Clay is great working properties for coiling, hand building and slab work. This body burnishing well due to its fine clay base. Unique in its quality, there is no substitute. Making this one of our most popular clays.

Keanes White Raku Clay Firing Colour






Temp 1000C - 6.85% Shrinkage - 16.4% Absorbtion

Temp 1100C - 8% Shrinkage - 13.4% Absorbtion

Temp 12000C - 12% Shrinkage - 2.8% Absorbtion

Temp 1300C - 12.2% Shrinkage - 2.8% Absorbtion


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Keanes White Raku Clay Reviews

5.0/5 based on 1 customer reviews

  • I have used this clay for 10 years starting at la Trobe University, Bendigo, Australia where I studied for my Visual Arts degree, majoring in ceramics. It was the main clay I used right through my 4 years at uni. When we moved back to NZ in 2012 I tried many other clays but nothing worked as well or was as versatile as Keane's white raku.I have almost no failures using this clay for raku firing and use it for all my hand building projects. At times I have thrown this clay with great success and it comes up amazing well when burnished.

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