Digi-flex Clear Printable PU Heat Transfer Media 500mm x 1m

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Quantity                    Price- 500mm Roll Width
Up to 4 metres   $19.50 per metre
5 to 9 metres $17.00 per metre
10 metres or more $14.50 per metre

Digi-flex Clear Printable PU Heat Transfer Media 500mm x 1m is a lightweight polyurethane product used for producing multicolour Heat Transfers for apparel.  It is compatible with digital printers such as Roland and Mimaki that use Eco Solvent inks.

Digi-flex Clear Printable PU Heat Transfer Media 500mm x 1m provides a quality print surface that cuts and weeds easily and has a soft flexible polyurethane texture.

It should be used on white and light coloured garments only.

  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Elastic soft feel
  • High quality print surface

Once your transfer is printed, cut and weeded you must use a Masking Tape to remove the transfer for the carrier so that it can be applied to the garment.

Click here to order Application Tape, this is an essential accessory to be able to complete the application process successfully.

Application tape can also be useful in preventing coloured inks from evaporating from printable heat transfers film which is exposed to air when kept for a period of time. The tape leaves no sticky residue after application.

1. Setup graphics to print- with correct cut line

2. Print and cut graphics

3. Weed away excess media

4. Apply application tape or masking film over top

5. Remove graphics from carrier

6. Pre-press garment for 2-3 seconds.

7. Position graphics on garment

8. Heat press on medium pressure for 5-8 seconds

9. Allow print to cool and peel away carrier

10. Re-press using Teflon cover sheet for 3-5 seconds


You would need to use a cut line recognised by your print/ rip software, leave enough bleed or colour for the cut to move as it is being cut and for an accurate contour cut.

Always test cut prior to any production run. Printer/ Cutter settings  will need to be adjusted as the blade ages. For optimal  cutting and weeding, maintain a line thickness of at least  1/8” for lettering & logos.



(Excluding 100 Micron PET Carrie): 85 MIC

(30 MIC. PU, 55 MIC. Hotmelt)

510mm(19.68") Roll Width

25M (27.34 YD) Per Roll



Printed products can be machine or hand

washed at no more than 40 degrees Celsius.

should also be washed inside out.

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