About Us

Wow we are really impressed that you are taking the time to read “About Us” so we’ll try to keep it up vibe and more importantly brief!

The story of CCG is as interesting as the two owners are boring.  Its not surprising as the company has been around since 1963 whereas the new owners weren’t even a twinkle in their test tube’s eye back then.

In fact, CCG is so old that we can’t even remember what the middle C in CCG stands for anymore. We may even change our name to CDG so we can say Danger is our middle name instead.

So what do we do? In one word, A Lot. Until 5pm. Then it’s three words. Down the Pub.

Fortunately during the day we are all about productivity and not just activity. It’s all about getting you the best Decorative Apparel, Screen Printing, Pottery and Ceramics products at the best price with the best service.

Also, a tip of the hat to the good people at N2 have provided us the best website in the Universe.  Now we can show you what we’ve got, how you can buy it and then get it to you in record time.

So, if you want world class Decorative Apparel, Screen Printing, Pottery and Ceramics supplies, you have come to the right place. If you want world class Engineering Consulting then you need the other CCG up the road.  (Seriously, there is literally CCG Consultants 200m up the road, nothing to do with us, totally different business, I know bizarre right?)


The Team at CDG.

are suppliers of quality products to the Decorative Apparel, Screen Printing, Pottery and Craft industries

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