Silhouette Fabric Paint & Tie Dyes Brillant Blue 71

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Silhouette is a range of vivid water-soluble colours designed for application by brush, sponge, immersion or spray.

The colours are fully intermixable and can easily be thinned by water to achieve pastel shades. Colours can be painted either ‘wet on wet’ or ‘wet on dry’.


Sun Mask Decoration:

Dilute 1 part colour with 3 to 4 parts water, apply the colour to the fabric by dipping, sponging or brushing then spread out the fabric in the hot sun.

Sun masks should be placed on the wet fabric and left until the fabric is dry.

Masks can be made from flat objects including card/lino cutouts, leaves, flowers etc. Rock salt sprinkled onto the wet dye will create a random speckled effect.


Painting With Silhouette:

To ensure a sharp edge in a painted design, it is best to use Silhouette straight from the bottle. If pastel shades are required, add colour into Silhouette paste until the desired shade is achieved.


Airbrushing With Silhouette:

Dilute Silhouette colour with 4 or more parts of water and apply as desired.

Clean all equipment with clean water after use.



Silhouette colours require heat fixing to ensure maximum colourfastness when laundered.

Allow the decorated fabric to dry then apply dry heat for 3 – 5 minutes at 150? C.

Fixing by a hot hand iron is suitable by ironing small areas at a time for approximately 2 minutes.

It is advised to test your fixing method prior to production.



Although Silhouette colours are most suited for use with natural fabrics (cotton fabrics and silk), any fabric can be tried, but it is advised to test a sample piece prior to production.

New fabric often contains ‘dressing’ which can cause problems with uneven colour uptake and/or colour loss on washing. Dressing should be removed by thorough washing prior to decorating.

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