Heatset Water Based Textile Ink Solvent Free Print Paste

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Heatset Water Based Textile Ink Solvent Free Print Paste is the base for water-based fabric colour most suited for the permanent decoration of cotton-based fabrics.

Heatset Water Based Textile Ink Solvent Free Print Paste is clear, water based, requires the addition of concentrate dyes – up to 3% by weight.  It is transparent and most suited for printing/painting onto light coloured cotton based fabrics.

If application is to be on coloured fabric, the end result will be a blend of the fabric colour and the colour applied.

Heatset Print Paste is best applied by screenprinting or hand painting.  Use “straight from the pot” for screenprinting.  If reduced viscosity is required for hand painting, add Heatset Handpaint Medium to reach desired consistency.


Heatset Print Paste requires heat fixing to ensure maximum colourfastness when laundered.

Colour must be dry before heat fixing. Use a hand iron on cotton setting (no steam) and heat for 3 – 5 minutes at 150 degrees C. For large areas it is advised to iron small areas at a time.


3 minutes at 180oC - for hand iron use cotton setting.

5 minutes at 140oC -   for hand iron use wool setting

10 minutes at 120oC

Any form of dry heat will fix Heatset Print Paste.

Wash test to determine best time/heat cycle.

IMPORTANT  Before batch printing  - TEST the correct fixing procedure by washing and rubbing the test print.

Do not print onto "dressed" fabrics without first removing all the dressing.


New fabric often contains “dressing” which can cause problems with uneven colour uptake and/or colour loss on washing.

Dressing should be removed by washing thoroughly prior to decorating.

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