Foteco 2066 Screen Filler

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Screen filler (block-out) universal resistant.  Emulsion Screen Filler

The above screen fillers are non-flammable, self drying and solvent resistant and can be decoated with water. They are ready-to-use and distinguishable by color and viscosity.

They can be used for touch-ups when thinned with water.

Directions for use

Apply by brush, doctor blade, coating through piece of cardboard or plastic onto the open area of the washed-out and dry stencil, mostly on the print side of the screen. Scrape it evenly into the mesh. If necessary - and to reinforce it - apply a second coat from the opposite of the screen.

For indirect film stencil apply the screen filler, when stencil carrier and fabric are dry, onto the open mesh area and over the carrier of the film, but before the gelatine film is dried. Then let the stencil dry completely before the carrier is peeled off. This helps to maintain good register.

Decoating: after ink removal, but before stencil removal, rinse with warm water.

Don’t use remover products before the screen filler is washed off.

Health & safety

These products may be irritating if they come in contact with the skin or the eyes. Flush immediately with water and contact a physician. These are industrial products. Keep away from children.

Storage & handling

No special measures are required.

The usual precautionary measures should be adhered to general rules for handling chemicals.

For eye protection use safety glasses.


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