Macs Mud Whitestone Clay

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Widely used for a full range of applications from raku through to stoneware temperatures. With a content of medium grog, it retains excellent plasticity making it suitable for larger work. Great working properties for coiling, slab work, handbuilding and throwing applications within a wide 1000 – 1300oC firing range. Excellent greenware strength and great thermal qualities. Made from 100% NZ clays.


Firing Range: 1000 -1300oC 

Manufactured by:
 Waikato Ceramics

Mesh: 50 mesh

Bisque: 1000oC

Fired Colour: White at earthenware tending creamier towards stoneware

Shrinkage: Dry 5%, Fired 8% at 1150oC. 11% at 1300oC

Texture: Medium Grog

Weight (kg): 20


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