Cowley Slab Roller - Replacement Wires

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Cowley Slab Roller - Replacement Wires Instructions

Please Note:

When fitting a new wire to a Slab-Roller it is important to align the wire correctly. Upon inspection you will notice that the anchor points of each end of the wire are on different sides of the siderail. During fitting the new wire must be wound around the winder shaft in a direction relative to the positioning of these anchor points.

Cowley Slab Roller - Replacement Wires? Fitting

The carriage must be positioned in a central position of the table and the winder shaft centralised in its nylon bushes. Anchor the wire at one end by fitting the screw through the loop in the wire and screwing tightly to the siderail.

Pass the wire over the top of the winder shaft and around it three times exactly and then to the other anchor point securing it with a wing nut.

Before tensioning each wire make sure that the coils are neatly together and that both wires wind along the winder shaft in the same direction and relative to the positioning of the anchor points. Both sets of coils should be directly under the middle of each siderail.

When tensioning the wires hold the eye bolt with a pair of pliers to stop it turning and do up the wing nut to maximum finger tension only.

Before removing the old wire please study the positioning of the ends of the wire, the direction of the coils along the winder shaft and the point where the wire winds on to the shaft and leaves the shaft.

It is a good idea to do one side at a time, copying the second side before you disassemble this side for replacement.

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