Giffin Grip Mini Bumper Stop for pre 2024 models

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Giffin Grip recently made a small modification to the Giffin Grip Mini in 2024. The top plate has been moved slightly forward when the tool is in the open position.

This ensures that when you insert the sliders they are automatically engaged with the spiral and it eliminates the potential for the tool to get jammed. We have also created a rubber insert that can retrofit older Giffin Grip Mini's to achieve the same effect.  Giffin Grip call it the "Bumper Stop".

These "Bumper Stops" are free of charge.  If you are interested in learning more please take a minute to watch this video below that shows the Bumper Stop and the installation in more detail.

There are really no drawbacks to this modification and even potters who have not experienced any issues with their Giffin Grip Mini will enjoy the changes.

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