Skycut C24 Vinyl Cutter Blades each

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Skycut C24 Vinyl Cutter Blades each

Your cutter may be a basic or advanced model however; all of that power and precision is channelled to your vinyl through the blade. So if you’re using the wrong blades, or if you’re using worn-out blades, or if your blade is installed incorrectly, all of that power and precision is nullified. If you use the right blade, install it correctly, and maintain it, you get to enjoy all the benefits your vinyl cutter can deliver. Think of your blade as the conduit of quality.

All Vinyl cutters sold by CCG use the same standard 45 degree blade. Over time the cutter blade will start to diminish which will result in, inconsistencies in the cut or waste of media. If used consistently everyday blades can last up to 2 months before showing signs of wear.

Replacement and Maintenance?

When to replace? When you begin to have problems weeding your vinyl, or if you see visible degradation of cut quality, inspect the blade. Look for chips along the cutting edge. Sometimes the damage is obvious, sometimes not. If it looks good but works poorly, try a new blade and see if quality improves. Obviously you’ll need to keep some on hand so you can do this and replace as necessary.

How long does a normal blade last? There’s not a standard lifespan for plotter blades. Your mileage may vary. It depends on how much vinyl you cut, and what kind of materials you cut. The glass beads and metal flake used in  reflective and metallic films dull blades more quickly than our standard vinyls.  And, as noted above, how precisely you set your blade for the materials you cut affects its service life.

Don’t cut too deeply. Paper dulls blades faster than anything. Cutting too deeply into paper release liners can accelerate normal wear, dulling the tip and making weeding more difficult.

What about maintenance? Plotter blade maintenance is pretty simple. Keep it clean. A buildup of vinyl debris inside the blade holder can interfere with proper rotation of the blade and degrade cutting quality. Inspect the blade holder periodically and remove any debris.

Skycut C24 Vinyl Cutter Blades each Correct Blade Depth:

Whether you’re buying and installing a replacement vinyl plotter blade or installing the blade in a brand new cutter, the first thing you have to know is how much of the blade should be exposed. If you have enough blade sticking out to clearly see and feel the tip, it’s probably too far out.  Most new vinyl cutter owners improperly install the blade with too much of it protruding from the holder. Set it so that you can barely see the tip. Then take the blade holder and manually drag it across a sheet of vinyl making a box pattern or square. You should be able to weed that easily, but you shouldn’t see deep scoring of the release liner. If you flip the vinyl over, you should not be able to feel the cut line in the back of the liner. If you can cut vinyl manually without carving up the liner

CCGCutter Blades use an offset of .25mm or .250mm

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