Update - May 20

First off, we hope this newsletter finds everyone safe and well and enjoying a little more freedom.

CCG World Headquarters is back trading under level 3, so if you have been missing your favourite Craft or Decorative Apparel supplies, miss them no more! 

For safety reasons, we are online only at this stage but you can "click and collect" with contactless pickup from our warehouse.  Order online, drive to CCG WHQ and follow the instructions once you arrive.  Stay in your car, get our attention and we'll put your order in your car for you.  Same old great CCG service, just 2m further away.

Our retail store is closed under Level 3 but we'll keep you posted if we can open it at level 2.

For Aucklanders who are missing our retail store, did you know our website delivery charge is only $5 per ORDER?  No quotes, no surprises, just $5 for whatever you order (within Orewa to Maraetai to Pukekohe).  Doesn't matter how big it is, it's just five bucks.  Forget waiting two hours for a soggy Big Mac, invest that money in some nutritious CCG Home Delivery instead.

With timing as good as a $2 Rolex from Thailand, we launched our Instagram and Facebook accounts on 20 March. Strangely enough we haven't had a lot of posts in the past 5 weeks but there are a few beginning to appear now. 

So if you want to know about new products, products back in stock, upcoming promotions, a few jokes, pictures of our lunch, staff bikini selfies or political rants, make sure you follow us. (Kind of joking about the last three, although Zack does look good in a bikini...)

Craft Instagram/Facebook

Decorative Apparel Instagram/Facebook

As always we have new products but we'll give you a more thorough update next month.  Head here for some sneak peeks.
Decorative Apparel

Stay safe and don't forget to wash your hands!

Best Regards
Bryan and Mark and the CCG Team

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