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Well it's an end of an era.  After a staggeringly long run of 6 months, the worlds leading Decorative Apparel/Pottery newsletter sent from the upper Triton Drive area, is coming to an end.

CCG has been cleft in twain.  That's right, split into two companies. (Well kind of)

No longer will Pottery people be bored by discussions of conveyor dryers or Screen Printers have their website contaminated by clay and glazes. 

We now have a CCG Craft site and a CCG Decorative Apparel site.  If you click on you will have a choice of which site you want to go to. 

If you don't have time to waste, these two links will take you straight to the appropriate site.
(Click and then bookmark the new link)

However for the 9 customers that are interested in both sides of the business, you can login, shop from one site and then switch to the other while still using the same cart.  Best of both worlds really. 

To switch just click on the red "GO TO  ....... WEBSITE" at the top right hand part of the website, next to the login.

We will also split the next newsletter and just send you the one that is of interest.  If we have you on the wrong newsletter or you want to be on both, just let us know.  Or if you live in 2019, do nothing and complain about it via social media.

Decorative Apparel News                         (Craft People Scroll Down)

Heat Transfer is at CCG now!  We have a complete range of Stahls products from heat presses to PU to printable media.  Click here for more information.  It's the new CCG so you get a discount if you buy more!

Another Vastex container has arrived so we have entry level, mid level and full bad ass setups now available.  See us for presses, dryers, flash units, drying cabinets, all ready to make your place look way more professional!

Do yourself a favour and check out the PMI tape now in stock.  This stuff makes your business more efficient and there are even video's about how it use it. You dont even have to read the instructions, its a double win.  Click here to find out more.

Some bad news, the Sgreen range of eco chemicals as well loads of the other cool new stuff has been held up at US customs.  We are waiting on a new ETA but it will mid September before we see it.  We are sharing a container so if I find out some clown added N-methyl-1-phenylpropan-2-amine to the shipping docs, there will be words ...

Craft News
A lot more happening on this side of the business other than a cool new name so sit back, relax and take it all in.

My Daddy said Son there aint but two mighty fine things to come out of North Carolina, USA.  One be NASCAR stock car racing and the other be Mudtools Premium Pottery Tools.  Y'all should be fixing to get you some or at least get up on your mouse and click here to find out some more about 'em.  We got some dang fine sponges, kidneys, knives, shredders, wires and paddles.  We also have Mudsharks, Mudcutters, Bulls Tongues, Carving Bows, Bumps and Dragtools.  Don't know what they are, well click here and see what everyone is talking about.

Primo Pro European Clays are going out the door like a train.  Unfortunately they are a bit like a NZ train as a few have come to a stop due to being out of stock.  Next shipment arrives in October so place your orders and we'll ship as soon as they arrive.  Check them out here, pricing is very unEuropean.  Highlights include a black clay, a brown clay, a surprise swirl clay as well as the Hanjiki Half Porcelain which is an incredible new white.  Click here to see the full range.

200mm and 300mm Batts are in stock!  Not crappy ones, these are top quality Cowley Tempered Hardwood Batts made in NZ.  They are so good that Kane Williamson said if he had these batts in England they would have won the World Cup final and not just scored the same runs as the other team yet some how lost because scoring a four is somehow the only way to separate two teams after 6 weeks of competition and apparently so vital that you have to use them to break a tie with a rule that no one even knows about and if they did they would change it because it makes no sense.  Yep, that good.  They will also look great with your new Cowley Double Drive Wheel.

It's a Thursday so we have more new tools.  New banding wheels, combs, harps and kidneys.  Click here to find out more.  You're welcome.

Raw Materials update.  After the withdrawal out of Australia and NZ by one of key suppliers, we have managed to get most products back in stock.  Dolomoite, Manganese Di-oxide and Feldspar Soda are back in stock. Also Feldspar Soda is now called Sodium Feldspar Spar Glaze P1 but pretty much the same thing.  All our raw materials can be found here.

Finally we are looking forward to Spring (or at least not winter) now!  Thanks to Dave Grunlund for the cartoon.

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