Craft Update Oct 20

Welcome to the latest CCG Craft Update.  For those in Decorative Apparel there will be an update for you later in the month.

Amaco Glazes are now in stock!

They are here!  The world's biggest glazes are now in stock at CCG.  Well, 80% of them, this is 2020 so not everything can go to plan.  However, 80% is still about 250 midfire, lowfire brushable glazes and underglazes.  The rest will hopefully arrive late next month, but possibly early December.  Basically if its not in stock now, it should arrive November/December (with some exceptions).

So what have we got?  Click here for the whole range


Or click here for Underglazes

Click here for lowfire brushable glazes

Click here for cone5/6 brushable glazes

New Tools
Also from Amaco are a few cool new tools

Also just in we have 4 new Test tile extrusion dies and a cool multi handle extrusion die.  These aren't Amaco tools but these are NZ made for the NZ made Cowley extruders.  Well priced and in stock now.

Other Cool Stuff
Along with amazing new glazes and tools there are also:

Nabertherm Kilns are ALL NZ Certified

It's a shame we have to do this, but due the unprofessionalism of certain competitors, CCG wants to reiterate that ALL Nabertherm Kilns are fully NZ certified.  Documents substantiating this are available on request.

So if you are keen on a NZ certified Nabertherm kiln, we have a few NZ certified Nabertherm Top45 toploader kilns in stock and more NZ certified Nabertherm Top60 toploaders on the way.  We also have a few single phase and three phase NZ certified Nabertherm front loaders arriving mid November.

Give Bryan a call on 09 475 5224 if you are thinking about getting a kiln.  We can even do 6 months interest free for you, if approved by Q Mastercard.

Here is a nice spring cartoon for you, after a particularly hard winter.


Best Regards
Bryan and Mark and the CCG Team


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