Orton Large Cone Holder 3 Hole

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Orton Large Cone Holder 3 Hole / Orton Cone Plaques.  For 2 & 4 Hole holder go here

1. Determine bending face of cone

  • rest cone with base against flat surface
  • allow cone to fall
  • cone falls in direction it will bend

2. Note dot near each hole in plaque
3. Set plague so dot is at bottom left corner
4. Insert cones left to right in plaque (lowest temperature cone first) place cone bending face towards dot
5. Use clay, refractory cement, slip or sand to hold cones in place

Orton Large Cone Holder 3 Hole are an inexpensive alternative to making clay forms in-plant. When properly mounted in Orton Large Cone Holder 3 Hole, cones will be at the correct height and angle for the most consistent results.  Cones can be set into plaques ahead of time and stored until needed.
Orton Large Cone Holder 3 Hole should be located in the kiln in an arca representative of conditions in the kiln. Keep out of drafts and away from elements and gas burners. You may wish to place the Orton Large Cone Holder 2 Hole & 4 Hole on a setter plate as the lowest cone may melt onto the cone shelf.  Orton Large Cone Holder 3 Hole are intended for one time use.

How Many Cones to Use?
The number of cones and plaques to use depends on the information required, temperature and uniformity in the kiln. At least 2 and up to 4 cones are typically used. See applications below:

1. To check firing progress in periodic kilns - Use 3-4 cones including the firing cone, one or two cone numbers cooler and one cone number hotter. Periodically monitor cone bending to determine the
progress of the firing.
2. To check end point of firing - Use at least 2 cones including the firing cone and one cone number hotter or cooler. When the firing cone deforms as desired, the firing is complete.
3. For quality control testing - Use several plaques of 2-4 cone numbers. Locate plaques throughout kiln or kiln car. After firing, examine cones to detect variations in heatwork. Keep sets of fired cones for comparison to detect gradual changes in heatwork which can result from drift in thermocouples or instrumentation.

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