Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool

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Japanese inspired & reimagined, as the name implies, we think the Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool does it all. No more switching between dozens of trimming tools! Since his first visit to Japan in the 80’s Mudtools fell in love with the simplicity of the Japanese style kanna trim tool.

Subsequently, he spent years after altering and remaking his own trimming tools to better suit his various needs. These efforts have all combined into the elegant versatile pottery tool you see here. The sharpened more familiar kana spade shape provides an excellent precise cutting edge, especial for working the details around the foot of tea bowls, bowls and plates.

The curl, provides a combination of all Mudtools favourite loop tool shapes: both a broad surface for smoothing and a tight shape for detail trimming. We hope you enjoy discovering all the possibilities the Mudtools Do-All Trim Tool provides.

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