Craft Update - June 20

Welcome to CCG's June Craft Update

First off it's time to split the newsletter into a Craft newsletter and a Decorative Apparel newsletter.  Therefore if you screen print, embroid, digital print or have no interest in the craft side of CCG, read no further, a newsletter will be along shortly for you.

If you potter, glass or jewel then read on, lots of good stuff inside!


I hope you didn't blink in May as you would have missed our single phase toploading kilns being in stock.  They are out with their happy owners but don't believe our wafflings, read Martin's review here.  Click on the "Reviews" tab or the "5.0/5 based on 1 customer reviews"

If you want a compact, German built, easy to use, cheap to run, number 1 in Europe kiln at your place, talk to us now!  Or click here.  More are due to arrive in August but get in fast as they are selling out.


Speaking of reviews, there is an opportunity to write a review on every product we sell, so if there is something you love and want to tell the community, get posting. 

Also don't forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook and you wont have to wait for the newsletter for your exciting updates.  Our social media account also comes with 20% less outrage than other similar social media accounts.


Ever wanted to give jewellery making a go but don't know where to find good quality leadfree enamel powder?  It's a common everyday problem but fortunately CCG have solved it with quality leadfree jewellery enamel in stock now!  It's leadfree so you can practically eat the stuff.  (Like most things these days, its not recommended...)

For life's risk takers there is still some not-so-leadfree enamel available in our clearance section.  Also check out the heaps of other specials this month.  Click on them here.


First off there is the Macs Mud Speckled Buff, the first new Macs Mud Clay for a while and its a little bit different to all the other speckly stuff.  Initial reviews are very good but dont rely on someone else opinion, try some out for yourself!

Primo Pro have three new clays.  First off the old PW20 and Hanjiki Half Porcelain have been replaced by the new improved Primo Pro PW20.  It's like every white clay you've ever wanted combined into one.  The only downside is the next shipment is due mid July.

Also get out the jam and butter as there are two new Toast clays. Primo Pro Toast RW1802 Grogged Stoneware Clay and Primo Pro PRGI4002 Toasted Brown Highfire Clay.  Who doesn't like toast on a cold night?


Speaking of winter, we are all going to need a little sparkle in our lives.  Fortunately we have 7 new lustre colours now in stock.  Ignore the world's worst web images and imagine what a black or purple or lite blue lustre would look like on your next creation.  Lucky for us you are all very creative!


Finally we now stock the range of Abbots stains.  Our CCG range of stains come from all over the galaxy and are getting harder and harder to source.  Lucky Abbot's have a range of top quality stains that work brilliantly with their glazes (and everyone else's).

Even though it seems like comedy has been banned recently, here is a little pottery humour from the world's greatest cartoonist Gary Larsen

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