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Happy New Year!

Welcome back.  Now that the holidays are ending and kids are back at school it's time to get serious.  As you may have read over the past year, a lot of change has occurred at CCG World Headquarters.  If you missed it, catch up on our old newsletters on our blog page here.

So bottom line is we were pretty knackered at the end of last year, so not much has happened since then apart from beach, BBQ and fishing!  Therefore this will be short.

OK time for a clear out of some product to make way for all the new exciting stuff coming this year.  See below for all the specials from our End of Financial Year Clearance Sale:
here for Decorative Apparel clearance
here for Crafty clearance. 

Highlights for the Decorative Apparel side are 25-50% off products off clearance Inks, Screens, Squeegees and others accessories.  Hurry, the sale is while stocks last.

While on the site check out the Vastex Equipment we have in stockWashout Booth Filtration systemsSGreen Eco chemicalsPMI tape videosheat transfer equipment and PU Vinyl.

Talking of Vastex, another container arrives at the end of the month, so talk to Bryan if you are looking to boost productivity with top quality American made equipment.  Click here for the full range of products.

On the Craft side, you asked for it and we now have it!  Laguna's Speckled Buff and B-mix 5 clays are in stock.  Also as an FYI, we now have the long lost fabled Gerstley Borate in stock. Next job on the list is to try to find some Hen's teeth or Unicorn Poo.

More new stuff from Primo Pro.  This time an exotic black porcelain clay called Black Ice.  It has high plasticity (which makes it ideal for wheel-throwing and modelling) as well as being food safe.  Rumour has it, it was named after the AC/DC album so throw the devil horns in the air and headbang with some today!

We have some Naberthem Kilns on their way.  A top loader and a front loader should arrive at CCG World Headquarters in April.  After hearing that we had a top loader and a front loader arriving, our staff started asking us whether we can get dishwashers for the lunchroom as well.  I feel a product knowledge session coming on.  Lucky they are easy to set up and operate (the kilns, not the staff).

Mudtools are in stock and the range has been expanded.  Check them out here. All the best tools come from America, some even end up in the White House.  Pretty sure they have a pottery room at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Pro Pottery
This newsletters tip is from Dylan at Macs Mud.

Another way to create a new coloured clay is by adding powdered ceramic stains to Macs Mud. For the most striking effects, wedge a stain into Macs Classic White, and fire to 1180 degrees. Use in concentrations of 10–15% in clay, using more or less depending on the intensity needed. Marbled effects can be achieved by colouring two lots of Macs Classic White clay, and then lightly wedging together. If possible, wrap and leave the clay to sit for a few days to age, as the stains introduce a new element to the clay.

Enjoy Summer while its still around!

Best Regards
Bryan and Mark and the CCG Team

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