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So that's it, the new CCG is one year old this month.  Thanks to the old CCG Industries Ltd customers for your continued support and a "great to have you on board" to all our brand new customers from this year.  We hope you have enjoyed the changes and rest assured we have more planned for next year. 

Here is what is new this month. As always, Craft people please scroll to the blue section below.

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New Vastex Dryers
Having just finished releasing the smallest DTG-Capable Dryer, Vastex are back with the biggest.  Meet the New BigRed 4D-54 Dryer.  54 in. (137 cm) wide conveyor belt, dual heating zones and four infrared heaters capable of curing up to 950 plastisol printed garments per hour, 432 water-based or discharge-printed garments per hour, and 144 garments per house printed with digital white ink.  Saves more time than buying a Delorean and going 88mph.

BadAss Squeegees
We have the best named product of all time in stock now.  The BadAss Manual Squeegee 14" is available now so let Bryan know if you think you can handle it.  While you are at it take a look at the other Action Engineering products available like double blade squeegees, roller squeegees, M&R Pallets, and Floodbars.  And remember, nothing says traditional Christmas gift like giving a Badass Manual Squeegee 14"!

Heat Transfer Cutters
As you know we now do Heat Transfer Presses, PU/Vinyl, Printable media and just recently added the Skycut C24 (600mm) Vinyl Cutter and all its accessories like blades, stands and laser attachments.  All products are top quality, so get the one you love into heat transfer for Christmas!

DIY Screen printing Kits
Just started out screen printing or want to get into it?  We have a sale on for the DIY T Shirt and DIY Print Shop Ultimate 4-Colour Screen Printing Kits, all quality made in the USA.  Make your own T Shirts or get even more serious with a 4-Colour setup.  Click here to get all you need to get into screen printing in one attractive box.  Its the perfect gift this Christmas (for everyone that doesn't already own a screen printing business).

Craft Section

Nabertherm Kilns

Speaking of Kilns we can now supply you top quality German made Nabertherm Electric, Gas and Raku Kilns and Furniture Kits.  Click here to view them on our new CCG Craft site.  Those of you who have read our previous newsletters know we like a joke, so we got Germany's top comedians to write the following introduction:

"Whether for hobby, school, kindergarten, or commercial studio – Nabertherm have just the right kiln for you. The range includes all electric heated and gas-fired kilns for glass and porcelain painting, for fusing and even for enameling. An impressive price-performance ratio, the high Nabertherm quality, short delivery times, and a 36-month warranty are convincing arguments for these kiln models."

Ha ha ha, those wild and crazy Germans are always hilarious!  Grab one today as the ultimate Christmas stocking stuffer.

New Mudtools
The World Famous Mudtools are flying off the shelf so we have been expanding the range out.  New additions include but aren't limited too:
White and Orange Mudsponges
Curly and Heavy Mudwires
Flat and Conical Shredders
Large Ribs
Top quality Petal Knives
Carving Bows
Buy some for this Christmas for that special someone to say "I love you".  Or if you're male, buy some to say "Im sorry, I have no idea what I did wrong but here's some Mudtools to make up for it".  Look, they are cheaper than a divorce.

Pro Pottery  
Thanks to Cowley Pottery Wheels for this edition of Pro Pottery.

Always ensure your Cowley Double Drive Wheelhead is able to be removed regularly. It is a special feature when cleaning the tray out. A spray of CRC on the shaft occasionally will prevent any rust adhesion.  If the wheelhead is unable to be removed a small amount of heat from a gas torch on the centre of the wheelhead top surface will loosen it.  A small tap underneath with a hammer on it's side will help the process after heating.

Cowley are able to drill your wheelhead which will enable you to use the new Cowley Batts.  Or you can just buy another wheel here.


Finally, Happy Holidays and we hope everyone gets the break they deserve over New Years.  Last cartoon of the year from Gary Larson, go buy his books they are brilliant.

See you next decade!

Best Regards
Bryan and Mark and the CCG Team

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