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Welcome to the third installment of the Booker prize winning CCG Newsletter.  If you missed the other exciting installments click here to find out all the goings on.  Those playing along will have noticed there was no May newsletter.  Apologies for that but May was a huge month at CCG World Headquarters and we kept delaying it as more and more game changers kept coming along.

So what do we have for you?

Decorative Apparel   (Pottery People Scroll Down for your exciting news!)
First off we were selling large amounts of Vastex Screenprinting Equipment.  We were very happy about this and have decided we would like to continue doing so.  Therefore we are having our first Winter Sale with 20% off the few Dryers and Drying Cabinets we have left over! Click here to view the sale products.

Since it's pretty much all of it has gone we need some more. If you are wanting a specific Vastex product please get in touch as we have an order in with them now.  We can offer a discount for anyone who wants to pre-order so get in touch with Bryan now.  ETA will be late August.

Something you may want to add to the container are Vastex's range of Infrared DTG Capable Conveyor Dryers.  Ideal for the techo's, they give plenty of 900mbps bandwidth for you to upgrade your RAM while quantifying the USB Firmware paradigms at the free range server farms.  Videocall Bryan on the 5G network via your Samsung Folding Smartphone now!

Next up we have partnered up with a major new supplier and are happy to offer a range of new products that haven't been seen in New Zealand before.  From August we will be able to offer Dip Tanks, Filtration Systems, a full range of environmentally friendly degreasers, removers and cleaners, more cleaning products, test pellons and other cool new accessories.  Click here to see the new equipment products. Or Click here to see the new consumable products. 

The Sgreen environmentally friendly chemical range is something we are excited about and know our Pottery friends will be keen for you to try.  As well of course as all the birds, animals, fish and Green Party members.

We have also expanded our Alloy screenurethane squeegees and rolls and Union Ink options for you.

We now have on the way alloy 540x670mm screens (including 59S)urethane 75/90/75 shore squeegees60, 70, 80 and 75/90/75 shore urethane rolls and a much better range ofpallet knives and spatulas on their way.  You know, the stuff professionals use.  Click here to see the new range. 

With Union Ink we have expanded out the Maxopake and Polyester/Ultrasoft systems and now have a better range of colours on their way.  These include, low bleed colours, fluros, golds as well as an expanded white range.  We can now also offer Flash Trans Adhesive and Flash Back Ink so make sure you talk to Bryan about this and other colour specifics if you think we still missing something you need.  

Estimated arrival date for everything above is late August 2019.  We'll make sure we'll let you know when it arrives.  Failing that you will probably be able to see us jumping for joy from anywhere in the country. 

Pottery & Ceramics

Super exciting news from Primo this month.  They have partnered with a respected European producer of craft clays to create a new range of premium clays never before seen in New Zealand.  They are promising there will be some exotic surprises among them!  These are due into the country next month so we'll have more specifics then.

More new tools have arrived including some very affordable banding wheels.  Click here to see all the new tools.  If there is something that you are after, let us know as we may be able to find them for you.

Keep checking out the clearance section as there are always products being added.

Pro Pottery


New addition to the newsletter that we are calling the Pro Pottery section.  Here we will try each month to bring some tips from the professionals.  First up is Dylan from Macs Mud.

Did you know most of the Macs Mud clays are compatible in the sense that they can be mixed together (wedged or run through the pugmill) to create an all new clay. This is a great way of creating a new clay colour, but texture and strength can also be added. For example, Macs Whitestone and Buff Stoneware are compatible, and can be successfully blended to create a grogged light buff clay. 

If you haven't already check out the new Macs images on our website with the results you can expect at each temperature.

Lastly, thanks to the good people at Logitech for the deal on the new Logitech Meetup Video Conference Camera.  If you want to Skype, Zoom, Jabber or videocall us in any other way, we are ready to receive your calls!

Best Regards
Bryan and Mark and the CCG Team

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