Newsletter - March 2019

Welcome to the first CCG newsletter!  Just in case you haven’t heard, CCG Industries Ltd was sold November last year and Bryan Simpson and Mark Oudney are the brand new owners.  We are legally now called CCG Trading Ltd but we will trade just as CCG as it sounds cooler and takes less time to say when answering the phone. 

An email was attempted to be sent advising everyone but as we inherited Noah’s Ark Customer Database V4.3, a lot of people didn't receive it.  Apologies for that but we have made some changes in the business to get us up to speed. 

So we signed you up for our monthly newsletter but the last thing we want is to add to unwanted spam on the interweb.  If you absolutely don't want to know about:

  • New products
  • Upcoming product promotions
  • Clearance specials
  • New industry technologies
  • Further changes to CCG
  • Helpful handy hints
  • Staff profiles
  • Next weeks Lotto results and where you left your bloody keys

Then click unsubscribe at the bottom of this email or call/email and let us know that reading the world’s number 1 Decorative Apparel/Ceramics newsletter is just not your thing.

 So what is new at CCG World Headquarters since then?  Well…

  • Ray the old owner retired
  • Tony the not so old owner helped us get through the difficult first few months and is still around consulting (mainly on Friday afternoon for a few beers)
  • Beers on Friday afternoon
  • NEW BANK ACCOUNT - 03 1509 0126081 00.  Please change if you haven't done so already, the old one has closed.
  • New staff (except Mark in the warehouse thank goodness)
  • New logo and branding
  • New accounting package and backend system from this century
  • New website - You can now order online (account customers get in touch for your login and password)
  • New showroom layout
  • New warehouse layout
  • New courier company
  • Finance is now available for your big purchases.  Good company, low rates and we have dealt with them previously.
  • New Decorative Apparel products (we call it Decorative Apparel now because we plan to be a whole lot more than just screen-printing supplies.  Not that there is anything wrong with that)
  • New Pottery products

What’s the same?  Well hopefully the good service you have had over the years.

OK, lets get into the normal newlettery stuff.

The biggest change for CCG is our new website.  You can now see our entire product range on our site and order direct from   The website will show if our products are in stock but if it says "Ships when stock is available", then we are currently out of that particular product and will get your order to you as soon as we can.

If you are a cash customer, you can create a login and pay for your order at the payment section. 

If you have a credit account with us, give us a call and we can give you your login and password.  Just note that at the payment section you can pay by credit card or just below the Payment Express logo, you can choose "Pay with On Account via CCG"

We are endeavouring to keep the freight at an attractive level.  If you live in Auckland you will only pay $5 per order because we know you hate sitting in traffic for two hours just to get your kiln cones.

Also check out our clearance section on the website for new specials that will go up every month.  We inherited stock locked up  since last century and its about time to give it some probation.

Its not just names, logo, staff, building layouts, backend system and website that are new.  We also have a whole range of new products for Decorative Apparel and Ceramics.

New Products for Decorative Apparel
- Check out the full range of Vastex equipment available here.  From the indestructible new Vastex V2000HD Industrial Presses to Auto Flash Units, Conveyor Dryers, Racks, Washbooths and drying cabinets.  Basically anything you need to get the job done right.

As mentioned before, we have finance options available now so you can pay weekly or monthly rather than having to buy it all up front.  Give Bryan a call and he can talk you through it.

We have increased our range of Foteco Emulsions.  We now have the new 1833 blue solo emulsion. Benefits you have been waiting your lifetime for are, but not limited too:

  • Resistant to discharge inks without adding Diazo or hardening with catalyst
  • Exposes 8 times faster than Diazo or dual-cure emulsions
  • Can be coated wet on wet without intermediate drying

If that's not enough, it comes in this cool container.

Now one more change we hadn't mentioned, Bryan is out and about and keen to get to know you and your business.  That's right, someone from CCG is keen to come and see you.  OK let that sink in and then give Bryan a call on 09 281 3211 if he doesn't call you first.  Yes that's right, he may even call you first.

New Products in Ceramics
Nothing new here sorry...

OK you know we are joking, a lot is going on.  You asked for it, so we got it.  We now stock Primo Clays, Claybright  Underglazes and Abbots Glaze and Glaze Stains.  We are proud to add more great New Zealand brands to our homegrown Macs, Kiwi, Talisman, Cobcraft and Cowley products.


Next up the good people at Mac's perfected their classic white clay.  In fact, that is what they call it now, Mac's Classic White.  Unlike the Australian Rugby Team, it's not going to crack when the heat is turned up.  If you don't like white, try their new Southern Red.  Very similar recipe as the now historical Abbots Red and 100% NZ made.

And finally this month we add another great New Zealand product.  We now have Cowley Double Drive Wheels in stock and they are as reliable as the sun rising in the morning (unless of course you live in the Arctic Circle).  Come see them at CCG World Headquarters or even better, buy one and see it at your place!

So there you go, our first newsletter.  Slightly shorter than War and Peace but it was 55 years in the making!  The crazy thing is we have a lot more to tell you but we will save some for the next exciting installment. Stay turned till next month.

Best Regards
Bryan and Mark and the CCG Team


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