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Stencil Remover Powder 1kg


Stencil Remover Powder 1kg

Stencil Remover Powder
Dissolve 100gm crystals in 5 - 10 litres of warm water depending on the solution strength required.
Water resistant emulsions sometimes require a stronger solution to solvent resistant emulsions.
Photopolymer emulsion will typically be easy to remove.
Use: apply with a spray bottle to both sides of the screen, leave for 6 - 8 minutes then waterblast to remove.
Do not allow to dry on the screen, if remover dries on the screen the emulsion may "lock on" to the screen and become very difficult or impossible to remove. If this occurs try leaving an alkaline (caustic) degreaser on the screen for 2 - 3 hours to soften the emulsion, then waterblast or have the frame remeshed.

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