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Underglaze Colour  *** Click image for details

Underglaze Colour *** Click image for details

Underglaze - Kiwi Colour.
Kiwi Underglaze colours are suitable for applying on greenware and biscware.
Colours perform best between 1000 - 1200°C.
Kiwicolours are brightest when fired at 1180°C or higher. If unglazed, Kiwicolour will assume a velvet matt appearance.
If colour is too thick, a drop or two of dispex will liquefy it.

Hints for use

Airbrushing:                   Dilute Kiwi Underglaze with water to the consistency required for a smooth spraying application.
For solid coverage airbrush two or three coats.

Antiquing:                      Dilute Kiwi Underglaze with a little water.
Apply to bisqueware with a sponge or brush, working right into recesses.
Allow to dry.
Remove the colour from raised areas with a moist sponge to produce highlights and expose embossed designs.

Brushing:                      Dip your brush in the liquid colour up to the ferrule.
Work up and down to saturate the hair. Do not wipe colour off on the edge of the jar. Keep brush fully loaded at all times.
For solid coverage, as in backgrounds, apply two or three coats of colour working in opposite directions with each layer. Wait for sheen to disappear between coats.

Sponging:                     Pour Kiwi Underglaze on to a glazed plate.
Saturate a dampened sponge with colour and apply by “pouncing”(like powder on a puff).
Allow first coat to dry before applying the next.
Solid colour backgrounds can be achieved quickly with this method which eliminates the streaking that may occur when brushing.

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