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Silhouette Dyes

Silhouette Dyes
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Update 2015 - Ruby has been discontinued, #77 Maroon has been added.

Silhouette Colour is is concentrated and best diluted with water when used for the sun mask method of tie dying. Silhouette Colour may also be applied by brush, sponge or airbrushed.
For Tie dye / Sun Mask decorating dilute 1 part Silhouette with 3 to 4 parts water, apply the colour to the fabric by dipping, sponging or brushing. Spread out the fabric in the hot sun and place cutout masks, leaves etc and leave to dry in the sun.
Rock salt sprinkled on the wet fabric will create a random speckled appearance.
To ensure best colour fastness the dried print should be heat fixed prior to washing. Use an iron on cotton setting for 3 - 5 minutes. For large pieces of fabric it may be necessary to  iron smaller sections at a time.
Note: Some new fabrics may contain "dressing" which may cause an uneven colour uptake and/or colour loss when washed. Dressing should be removed by washing the fabric prior to dying.
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