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A fine white, 120 mesh, mid-firing clay. It is an excellent clay for throwing, pressing, jigger jollying, and so on. MFQ offers stoneware performance when fired in the range of Orton cones 01 to 5. Excellent glaze fit and underglaze intensity.   


Mesh:  120#

Bisque:  05 (Orton cones) with a 30 minute soak.

Glaze:  01 to 5 (Orton cones)

Thermal Expansion at 500oC:  0.27 to 0.29%

Moisture absorption, Orton cone 01:  <5%

Shrinkage, wet to fired:   {depending on firing technique} 10 to 12%


MFQ is available as ready to use pugs of plastic clay, casting slip and as filter cake, suitable for conversion to slip.


White: When fired in Oxidation.

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