Terracotta Concentrate


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Terracotta Concentrate to add to Windsor White Casting Slip to make a Terracotta Casting Slip

  minimum maximum
Sip 10 L 10 L
Terra Cotta Concentrate 1.125 kg 1.125 kg
water 0.6 litres 0.6 itres
N40 Dispex 32 gm (24mL) 53 qm (40mLj
litres of slip produced 11
aim litre weight/grams per litre 1750
biscuit (minimum) 1000 C/Orton Cone 06
Glost 1080-1120 C Orton Cone 31/2-4

Recommended Method

1. Add water to slip and mix

2  Sit Terra Cotta Concentrate onto surface of slip while stirring

3. Mix Dispex 50/50 with water and add as required as slip thickens

4. Mix thoroughly to break up any lumps of Terra Cotta Concentrate

5  Allow slip to mature for 24 hours

6  Re blend

7. Sieve through an 80 mesh screen before use


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