CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution 1lt

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A high performance dye-sub to cotton liquid solution that works with virtually any brands of dye sub printers, inks and papers to transfer images onto cotton and polyester fabrics. 

What is CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution?

GO’s Fuze™ Solution is a liquid solution which can be used with virtually all brands of dye-sub inks. This extraordinary new capability uses new patent-pending polymer chemistry, which allows standard dye-sub ink to “fuse” to cotton fabric. Any dye-sub printer will be capable of imaging transfers for use with both polyester and cotton using the CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution.

How is CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution Applied?

CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution Solution can be applied by a hand-held applicator or with a standard t-shirt automatic pre-treat device that many companies offering DTG printing already have. All a user has to do is apply the CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution to the cotton and then either heat press or allow the cotton fabric to dry. Once the CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution is dry a user can print a dye-sub transfer sheet using their standard process and transfer the image using a heat press.

Ideal Applications

Ideal for applying our CCG FuzeMate Pretreatment Solution in an exacting way. The use of the product will be for garment production including polyester and cotton fabrics.

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