Aquasheen Card & Paper Ink Bright Blue

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Colour image is as close a representation that we can provide, however please consult the instore Aquasheen Colour Guide for a true depiction.

Aquasheen Card & Paper Ink Bright Blue is water based high strength ink that may be used for printing, Poster and Art paper, Corrugated Board and Coated Card.

Main Application

Aquasheen Card & Paper Ink Bright Blue is designed for printing paper products. For best results it needs to be printed on paper which weights more than 100gsm.

Light-fastness of Aquasheen Ink products depend on shade but generally have average light-fastness. Aquasheen Ink is modifiable and formulations include overgloss and water resistant coatings.


Printing and Mesh Counts

To obtain best results, 43T - 120T mesh screens should be used. Aquasheen Inks are suitable

for manual or automatic equipment. avoid stops longer than 10mins. Wash-up to prevent ink

skinning during long stops.


Use laquer stencils or high quality, water resistant, photo stencils only.


Thin 10 - 25% with water

Remove any ink skin before use. Keep pails tightly closed to avoid skinning.


Aquasheen Ink may be overprinted with solvent inks or UV cured coatings.


Aquasheen Ink perform better if forced drying with hot air. This maximises resistance properties and adhesion. Rack or air drying will also produce a satisfactory result, although time taken to dry will depend on mesh could, air temperature and thinners used.

Air dried Aquasheen Ink normally takes about 5 minutes till it is touch dry but can take up to 24 hours to develop maximum water resistance.  Avoid wet exposure until dry.


Aquasheen Ink may be cleaned up using water. 

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