Epson 18L Polyester Pre-Treatment Liquid

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Epson 18L Polyester Pre-Treatment Liquid is designed to assist with ink adhesion (CYMK as well as White) on fabrics with high man-made fibre content. It works best with garments that feature a moderate-loose weave and 50% or more Polyester (for fabric containing 50% or more cotton use C13T43R100 instead). The product is shipped in a bulk format. On dark fabric it is generally used undiluted. With light coloured fabric it should be diluted with distilled water (generally in a ratio of 1:6). Application can be done manually or by a machine using a roller or spray process. For best results a spray based machine is recommended. For further information on usage and application please consult the latest printer &/or product user guides.

IMPORTANT: Epson 18L Polyester Pre-Treatment Liquid should be agitated before use and periodically if left to stand. Never mix pre-treatment liquid with ink or ink waste, even when disposing. Adjust nozzle settings on application equipment when switching between pre-treatment liquids to ensure even and adequate coverage (there are differences in viscosity and application volume requirements). Piling & lint should be removed before liquid application (a standard lint removal tool &/or pair of tweezers can been used). After applications garments should be fully dried (naturally, in a fabric oven, or heat press) and fully flattened prior to commencement of printing (a tool for this is provided with your machine). Failure to follow these instructions may result in damage to fabric and/or damage to the printer that would void Warranty and CoverPlus terms.

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