Rutland 802 Mist Type Spray Adhesive

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Rutland 802 Mist Type Spray Adhesive is a mist-type economy pallet adhesive perfect for textile screen printers. Its pressure-sensitive formula makes it repositionable without losing its strength and it holds its tack for a number of screen passes before an additional application is necessary. No. 82 will not transfer to fabric nor will it allow shifting of the material during the screenprinting process.

Rutland 802 Mist Type Spray Adhesive is ideal for t-shirt fabrics. Bonds to cloth, cardboard, paper, acetate, foil, plastic film, cork, foam rubber and leather.

Shelf Life: 1 Year +

AFTER USE: The adhesive spray contains high solids. Some adhesive build-up will occur at the spray tip. When fresh, this is easily removed by wiping with a tissue. Dried build-up can be cleaned with thinner or Sprayway C-60 Solvent Degreaser. After spraying, turn can upside down and spray for two seconds. This will keep the valve from plugging

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