Union Ink PLHE1500 EF Low Bleed Barrier Grey

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Union Ink PLHE1500 EF Low Bleed Barrier Grey Features

Low tack formulation for fast shearing action. Non-phthalate formulation to comply with regulations. User friendly with no viscosity modifications necessary.

Union Ink PLHE1500 EF Low Bleed Barrier Grey Instructions:

Print Barrier Grey straight from the container. Barrier Grey is user friendly and may be printed through 86-110 mc in (34 - 43 mc cm) mesh range without modifying the viscosity. Print Union's standard White inks on top of the Barrier Grey to have a brilliant White print! Use softer squeegee or thicker emulsion on both the Barrier Grey and White screen to insure complete coverage and maximum low bleed properties. A thicker layer of Barrier Grey is suggested for severe bleeding fabrics. Cure prints at 320 degrees F. (160 degrees C.) NOTE: Due to variations in dyed polyesters, any application whether referenced or not in this technical data should be pre-tested for suitability on the actual production fabric and/or consultation sought with Rutland's Applications Laboratory prior to printing.


Do not dry clean, bleach, or iron the printed image. Union's Liberty EF inks, bases, modifiers and additives should be mixed in clean vessels using clean mixer blades and utensils. Any contamination from other ink sources or non approved additives could make these products test positive for the restricted phthalates.

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