Starter Kit Manual 14"

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Use the Manual Starter Kit to achieve the absolute smoothest prints you've ever accomplished on a Manual Press!

You may have noticed that as soon as you finish laying down an underbase and the mesh releases its contact with the substrate, it pulls up on the fibres of the garment. That's called fibrillation. Printing colours on top of a fibrillated shirt greatly reduces the resolution, detail, and smoothness of your final print. You can fix this problem by using this Manual Roller Squeegee after the flash to matte down the fibres. Printing colours on top of this newly hard surface will bring out the detail of your final prints and significantly increase their smoothness (hand feel).

For instructions on using Roller Squeegees, watch our youtube video or inquire!

Each roller squeegee comes shipped with a PTFE sheet, also known commonly by another name that we cannot say!

When combined with PTFE, roller squeegees create a very smooth and uniform hand to the final product.

It's like having a heat press right on your machine!

This kit is made specifically for manual machines.

Smoothing screen is 23" x 31"

Call us or order online to order this revolutionary product today!

 Included in every Manual Starter Kit:

1 x 23" x 31" Smoothing Frame, with professionally installed PTFE

1 x 14" Manual Roller Squeegee, a.k.a The BadAss Manual Roller Squeegee

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