M&R Style All Over Printing Pallet

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All Over Printing is more productive and less costly than ever before. Using All Over Pallets, you can accomplish a registered multi-colour print on the entire surface of a shirt. From the far edge of the right sleeve to the far edge of the left sleeve and down to the hem of the body, you have complete access and control over where to print.

Purpose: Full All Over Printing capability with process quality decoration. The best AOP available for registration and accessibility.

Pallet Size: Five sizes offered for shirts of youth through 3XL

Decorate the entire face of the shirt and both sleeves with anything you can imagine to print in perfect registration.

Made of solid aluminium only

4 piece minimum

How to Load

Load the shirt with the wings pivoted forward. Then the reach into the sleeves of the shirt and feel for the pallet wings. As the wings are pivoted down to the body, smooth the sleeves onto the wings. Once the wings are located down, the shirt is now ready for its All Over Print.

One of our main goals with our latest AOP design was to eliminate the need for a floor support assembly. That is an apparatus which provides deflection resistance to the pallet's sleeve wings. We did accomplish this and now All Over Printing is more productive and less costly than ever before. All Over Pallets are made using 3/8" solid aluminium jig and tooling plate material and do not have rubber. We extensively machine the products in order to reduce the weight and increase their performance.

We are continuing to develop additional sizes and specifications for this pallet. For size details please contact us directly.

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