Fotecoat 1915 WR Emulsion

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Easy to use emulsion that requires sensitizing by the DIR-AD System.  Slower to exposure (6-10mins) than Fotecoat 1833 but is less senstive to accidental UV exposure i.e sunlight, fluorescent lights


− Fast, duo-cure polymer type textile printing screen process emulsion with separate diazo sensitizer powder, for aqueous ink systems.

− Light purple color with excellent see-through.

− The ready-made stencil can be post-hardened by light to increase the mechanical and the solvent resistance.

− Ecologically sound.


Application advantages

− 41% solids content.

− Medium viscosity, appropriate for meshes between 45 T and 120 T (lower viscosity than FOTECOAT 1065 and a higher viscosity than FOTECOAT 1636).

− FOTECOAT 1915 WR is a water resistant emulsion that can be printed with most inks containing water and little solvents.

− A longer exposure renders the stencil more resistant against abrasion and therefore allows to print longer runs.

− FOTECOAT 1915 WR can be decoated.

− If a permanent stencil for all inks is desired a longer post-hardening by light or a chemical treatment with FOTECHEM 2110 or 2100 Hardener can be used. In such a case the stencil can no longer be decoated.


Coating technique and stencil build-up 

Because of the relatively high viscosity of FOTECOAT 1915 WR it is recommended to degas the emulsion after sensitizing during a few hours.

Mesh                                      Coating                  Stencil thickness below mesh

 43 T multifilament                   1/2                           20 microns

 43 T monofilament                 1/1                           20 microns

 77 T monofilament                 1/2                           15 microns

120 T monofilament                 1/1                           4 microns

120 T monofilament                 2/3                          14 microns


FOTECOAT 1915 WR is ideal for machine coating. If necessary, the emulsion can be diluted with water to reach a lower viscosity.


Stencil quality

− The definition is excellent. The high solids content allows to reach a flat stencil surface combined with excellent mesh bridging.

− The resolution is good.



− Unsensitized: up to 1 year

− Sensitized, at 20°C: 1 - 2 weeks

− Pre-coated screens stored

 in complete darkness at 20°C:: 3 weeks


Exposure times

5 KW metal halide lamp at 100 cm distance; iron charged high pressure burner at 100 hours burning time.

Coating                   Mesh                                  Time in seconds

1/2                    43 T multifilament white              100

1/1                    43 T monofilament white              70

1/2                    43 T monofilament dyed             105

1/2                    77 T monofilament white              90

1/2                    77 T monofilament dyed             135

1/1                   120 T monofilament white             50

1/1                   120 T monofilament dyed             75

1/2                   120 T monofilament white            60

1/2                   120 T monofilament dyed            90

2/3                   120 T monofilament white            70

2/3                   120 T monofilament dyed            105



− Only possible with high pressure gun.

− A higher concentrated remover than usual has to be used. Ideal are FOTECHEM 2004 liquid or FOTECHEM 2005 paste.

− For machine decoating the concentration of the remover liquid has to be increased and the speed of the machine be reduced to a minimum.

− A post-exposure makes the stencil removal easier.



Once the stencil is washed-out and dryed it can be exposed again under the sun, day light fluorescent tubes or with the standard exposure lamp; it is recommended to make the post-exposure without the vacuum frame so that no glass between the lamp and the stencil interferes with light absorption.

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Fotecoat 1915 WR Emulsion Reviews

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  • Excellent product! diazo and emulsion can be mixed under yellow bug light / yellow safe light no problem, I print with water base inks and it holds up well. I expose under a 5oo watt Mercury Vapour lamp for 20 mins, with 1 coat of emulsion per side onto 43T (white mesh), I let it dry overnight in drying rack or fan assisted. Also easy to position your film positive onto emulsion under yellow bug or yellow safe light once coated and dry, without ruining the emulsion. prior to actual exposure under your lamp. best to use gloves when coating your screen as it can stain your fingers.

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