Fotecoat 1833 Blue Solo Emulsion

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  • Ready to use emulsion
  • Blue, 45% solid content
  • Resistant to plastisol, water based, sublimation and discharge inks
  • Outstanding abrasion and humidity resistance
  • Excellent print definition on any mesh

Applications Advantages

  • Resistant to discharge inks without adding Diazo or hardening with catalyst
  • Exposes 8 times faster than Diazo or dual-cure emulsions
  • Can be coated wet on wet without intermediate drying

Coating technique and stencil build-up (coating trough .75 mm R)



Stencil Thickness below mesh



6-7 µm


  • 1833 BLUE has high sensitivity to UV light and is suitable for use with DLE machines
  • Many variables, such as lamp type and age, distance from lamp to screen, mesh type and coating thickness, can affect exposure time
  • Perform an exposure test a exposure calculator (21 Step Sensitivity Guide) to determinate correct exposure time for a complete cure
  • Ensure that all surfaces (emulsion, film and glass) are free of dust to minimize pinholes
  • Contact the emulsion side of the positive with the substrate side of the screen and secure in position before placing the screen in a suitable vacuum frame
  • Post expose with daylight or exposure lamp to produce a more water-resistance stencil!

Stencil quality

  • Perfect mesh bridging is possible
  • After wash-out the stencil is very hard and has low swell characteristics


This ready-to-coat emulsion should be stored in a closed can, protected from direct a light. Protect also against freezing.

  • Unsensitized, 18-25ºC storage - 2 years
  • Pre-coated screens in total darkness at 20ºC - up to a week

Stencil removal

Remove all ink residues immediately after printing with an appropriate solvent.

All commercial decoaters can be used. A high pressure gun is recommended.

The longer the exposure, the better the through-curing of the stencil.  If necessary make a post exposure. Both render the decoating easier.

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