Union Ink ULON2170 Coarse Unilon Powder

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Hot-melt adhesive powders for plastisol transfers


  • Improves the transfer of fine details
  • Improves adhesion of foil transfers
  • Easy to use
  • Improves adhesion of baseball cap transfers
  • Essential for puff transfers

General Information

Unilon is a hot-melt adhesive powder used to improve the adhesion of plastisol heat transfers to nylon, polyester and other synthetic garments, including those with water-proof coatings. Unilon powder is also used to increase the adhesion and washabil ity of foil transfers

Unilon-2027 for Nylon, Polyester and Cap Transfers

After printing the plastisol (Union's Ultrasoft is the preferred ink) on heat transfer paper, apply Unilon-2027 as follows:

1. Fill a rectangular tray with approximately 1/4" of Unilon-2027 Powder

2. Pass the transfer through the tray, print side up. Unilon will adhere to wet or semi-cured plastisol

3. Remove powder from the unprinted areas by vigorously shaking the transfer or gently blowing cool air across it. Light brushing with a soft brush (taking care not to smudge the print), may also be used

4. Semi-cure or gel the ink as described on the Ultrasoft Technical Data Sheet.

5. Transfer on a heat transfer press at temperatures compatible with the garment

If printing a multi-color transfer, the powder can be applied after all the colors are printed (it will stick well to the last wet color and fair to the cured colors) or after every color and cure in between just as you would for a regular heat transfer

Unilon-2159 for Foil Transfers

Unifoil will adhere to many different plastisol ink surfaces. However, adhesion, flexibility, abrasion resistance and washability may be improved for some applications by the addition of Unilon Transfer Powder (ULON-2159) to a plastisol ink.

1. Mix 10-15% of Unilon powder into a compatible plastisol (Union's Ultrasoft ink).

2. Print the transfer and cure at normal temperatures.

3. Apply the transfer to the garment according to the directions for Ultrasoft cold-peel transfers

4. Place the foil (color side up) over the print and transfer at 325-350° F. (163-177" ?.) for 2-4 seconds

5. Let the transfer cool completely, then gently pull the foil from the garment.

The addition of Unilon Powder to Ultrasoft ink may increase the washability and longevity of the foil transfer. You can also adhere Unifoil with Plastisol Base Adhesive (FOIL-9200P) a clear, plastisol-based ink that can be direct printed or printed on heat transfer paper. Use 61-11OT screen mesh (24-43 metric) Heat cure to 250-300 F (121-148° C),

Unilon-2170 for Puff Transfers

Unilon-2170 is identical to Unilon-2159 except for a coarser particle size. Use this product when manufacturing puff transfers following the procedures outlined for Unilon-2027

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While Union Ink Company believes that the data contained herein are factual and the opinions expressed are those of qualified experts regarding the results of the tests conducted, the data are not to be taken as a warranty or representation for which Union Ink Company assumes legal responsibility. They are offered solely for your consideration, investigation, and verification. Pretest inks on surfaces to be printed

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