Windsor White Casting Slip Clay

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Pure white firing casting slip based on the standard English earthenware body. Good colour response and glaze fit. Ready to use with deflocculant added.

This white firing casting slip is based on the standard industrial English Earthenware Body and is made from high quality imported materials.  The slip is normally sold in 10 Litre pails at approximately 1.725 Kgs/lt at a minimum net weight of 17 kgs and should be stirred thoroughly before use


15 to 30 minutes depending on the size and shape of the items. On average a 4 to 5 wall thickness is recommended but up to 8 mm on larger items.


10 to 20 minutes. The moulds should rest at a steep angle to ensure good draining-


Recommended to be done at the end of the draining time while the cast is against the mould. If left too long the cast wil1 shrink away from the mould as it is designed to do making trimming difficult. Very sharp knives must be used taking care not to damage moulds.


When the cast has "set" and considered firm enough not to deform during removal - usually 2 to 3 hours after trimming. Removal too early produces deformed fired ware - too long, (overnight) damages the mould.


Best late "leather hard" or dry.

Fettling Knives, Scotch Brite Pads or Sponges.

Ensure edges and rims are ve11 rounded.


Firing Range Cone 2 to 9· Optimum- Cone 4 to 6.

Can be fired up to 200C per hour. Cooling rate is similar

Water Absorption at Cone 4 - 7 to 9%

Contraction around Cone 4 - 10 to 11%


Re-introduction of trimming scraps into the casting slip is not recommended as this will upset the deflocculant balance thus its casting ability.


The slip may need small amounts of Dispex (1 to 2 mls) and water (100 to 200mls) per 10 Litre bucket to re-adjust its fluidity when in use.

It is recommended that when in use that the slip be re-sieved through an 80 or 120 mesh to combat contamination of plaster from the moulds


These need to be clean and dry for the system to work effectively. Wet or damp moulds will produce poor quality ware.

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