Primo Pro PRGI4002 Toasted Brown Highfire Clay

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Primo Pro PRGI4002 Toasted Brown Highfire Clay with 40% impapable grog (up to 80 Mesh).  Formulated for artistic ceramics, it is ideal for throwing and modelling smooth pieces with fine details.  

The high content of grog confers an excellent behaviour during drying and firing. Its amazing firing colour, with different tones of light toasted brown, highlights the relief of the piece and becomes an ideal artistic mean of expression.

Biscuit temperature: 1000C

Water content: 21%

Plasticity (IP Atterberg): 19

Carbonate content (CaCO3): 0%

Drying shrinkage: 6.9%

Firing shrinkage (1300 C). 7.1%

Porosity (water absorption at 1300 C): 3.7%

Dry bending strength: 4.5 N/mm2

Fired bending strength (1300 C): 37.7 N/mnm2

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