Nabertherm N280E Three Side Heating Chamber Kiln (3 phase)

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Nabertherm N280E Three Side Heating Chamber Kiln (3 phase) Product Advantages

  • Multi-layer insulation with light-weight refractory bricks and energy-saving backing insulation adapted to the maximum kiln temperature
  • Only insulation materials that are not classified as carcinogenic (according to TRGS 905, Class 1 or 2) are used
  • Durable light-weight refractory brick insulation inside the kiln ensures clean firing results
  • Dual-shell housing provides for low temperatures and optimal corrosion protection. Galvanized steel sheets on the sides
  • Rugged, self-supporting, vaulted arch construction
  • Door seal “brick on brick“, precisely ingrained by hand to ensure tight sealing
  • Ergonomic charging height with 800 mm base (chamber kiln N 50 E = 500 mm)
  • Solid state relays ensure low-noise heater operation
  • Protected door contact switch
  • Infinitely adjustable air inlet damper for optimal air supply during firing and reduced cooling times included in the scope of delivery for chamber kilns from 440 litres
  • Controller mounted on kiln door and removable for comfortable operation
  • Semi-automatic air inlet flap for residual drying in chamber kilns up to 300 litres. The flap closes automatically at a set temperature and does not have to be closed manually after the drying phase.
  • Exhaust air opening in the centre back of the kiln roof ensures even extraction of the exhaust air in chamber kilns up to 300 litres
  • Motor-driven exhaust air flap in the middle of the kiln roof provides for optimal ventilation of the kiln for chamber kilns from 440 litres
  • Three year warranty.
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Due to their good price-performance ratio, the Nabertherm chamber kilns heated from three sides are suitable for use in schools, kindergartens or occupational therapy. The heating elements are protected in grooves. For an intensive, professional use, we recommend our five-side heated chamber kilns.

The dual-shell, back-ventilated housing keeps the housing temperature low. A semi-automatic air inlet flap is included with standard scope of delivery. After the drying phase in the heating program, the flap closes automatically at a chosen temperature. No base flap has to be closed manually. The controller can be removed from the door bracket for convenient operation.

Due to the high quality of materials and manufacturing, all Nabertherm kilns have a three year warranty.

Nabertherm N280E Three Side Heating Chamber Kiln (3 phase) Standard Design

  • Heating elements protected in grooves
  • Heating from three sides (both sides and floor)
  • Scope of delivery includes 3 ceramic supports and lower shelf to protect the bottom insulation and for safe stacking of the kiln furniture
  • Base included in scope of delivery
  • Defined application within the constraints of the operating instructions
  • Three year warranty.

Kiln Furniture Kit available - click here


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