DekaPrint 2000 Glitter Silver

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DekaPrint 2000 is a ready to use silkscreen ink (film screen) for colour printing on bright and dark cloths as well as synthetics.  Produced according to the newest standards of chemical development and technology.  DekaPrint 2000 fulfils the ecological requirements demanded today of all modern products.

DekaPrint 2000 contains no dangerous solvents.

Directions for use

DekaPrint 2000 is ready to use after being stirred well.  A somewhat thinner consistency can be obtained by adding a few drops of water to the ink.  All colours may be intermixed.

Any screen may be used if the surfaces are waterproof and insoluble in mineral spirits or they may be protected by screen varnish. Squeegees with rounded edges are better for textile printing than sharp-edged ones.


DekaPrint 2000 can be used for all light and medium-coloured fabrics including synthetic fibres and mixed weaves.

Attention: The sizing on dressed materials must be removed before printing.

Fabrics with non-removable dressing will be less fast. The water and wash fastness of the prints are dependent not only on the ink but also on the type of fabric. Naturally the kind of fibre, weave, structure, absorbability, finish etc. influence the fastnesses. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to test a piece of the particular fabric as folIows: Print and fix according to instructions, then machine wash in a full washload and test for rub fastness.


The implements used in printing must be washed immediately after use in cold water. It is best to clean screens with a brush to assure removal of all particles of colour. 

Subsequent treatment of natural fibres

Two methods for fixing the colours:

a) The prints, when thoroughly dry, may be heat treated for 3 to 5 minutes at a temperature of 120 – 140° C. Depending on the size of the article it may be done with a hot iron (on the back side), with a drying cylinder or in a drying room.

b) If such a heat treatment is not possible "Fixative CN" must be used. 40 grams of “Fixative CN" must be added to 1 litre of DekaPrint 2000 before printing, fabrics printed this way must be stored for 4 weeks at room temperature before washing.

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