Fibre Reactive Procion Dye Manutex

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Water                   1 litre for 100g dry fabric

Dye                      Depending on strength - 1- 4gm per litre

Salt                      50g per litre of dye bath (cooking salt)

Soda Ash            5g per litre of dye bath


Separately dissolve all the above ingredients in a little hot water using plastic or glass containers.

To the dye bath, add required amount of clean cold water, then add required quantity of dye in solution.  Then immerse fabric.

Add solution of salt progressively in small quantities during the next 30 minutes then leave for 10 minutes. Add solution of Soda Ash all at one time and continue dyeing.

Stir frequently during the whole process.

Remove fabric from dye bath and rinse thoroughly in cold water, to ensure there is no dye residue, boil dyed fabric with a little detergent and rinse again thoroughly in cold water.


LIQUID 'A'          Dissolve 500gm urea in 2 litres hot water.

LIQUID 'B'         Dissolve 55g each of washing soda and baking soda in 2 litres hot water.

                Store these two liquids separately in large containers - label them carefully, they will last indefinitely.  Once mixtures 'A' and 'B' are combined, they will have a working life of 2 hours.


1.             Mix dye powder in a small amount of water.  It is useful to have small squeeze bottles to put the dye mixture into.

2.             Measure out equal quantities of liquids 'A' and 'B' onto a small container or paint palette, add sufficient dye mix for required intensity of colour.

3.             These colours can be intermixed during the paint-on process to create an infinite range of colours.

4.            Paint onto the cloth - where required.

5.             Cover the batik carefully with plastic and put into a cool dark place to 'fix' for 24-48 hours.            Allow to dry.

6.            Rinse out excess dye stuff in cold water.

7.            Either wax out painted area and dip-dye background or boil off wax at this stage.  Wax may also be ironed off between sheets of (unprinted) newsprint.


It is necessary to prepare a thickening paste to paint with Procion-Drimarene dyes and this is best achieved with the following mixture -

Manutex                        2Tb      (25g)

Urea                              4Tb      (50g)

Soda Ash                      1Tb      (12g)

Baking Soda                 1/2tsp   (2.5g)

Resist Salt                     1tsp     (2.5g)

Water                             500ml

Dissolve Manutex powder into a paste with a small quantity of methylated spirits.  Add all ingredients to the water, stirring well and leave for 12 hrs to completely dissolve.  Adjust viscosity with addition of water or more Manutex paste.  Add dye colour to strength required and proceed to paint.


Leave decorated fabric up to 24hrs, then rinse well in cold water with 1tb. Acetic acid.  After rinsing, boil in soapy water for 5-10 minutes.  Rinse again in cold water until clean.


MANUTEX         The only known thickener that works with Procion/Drimarene dyes, it is an extract of seaweed, chemical name SODIUM ALGINATE.

SODA ASH         Added to the dye solution, this product acts as a 'buffer' to adjust the dye solution to a less alkali state and improve 'soft hand' features.  Chemical name SODIUM CARBONATE

UREA                  A common chemical product which swells the fabric fibre, aiding dye penetration.

RESIST SALT     The addition of Resist Salt to Manutex paste solutions aids control by slowing absorption of the dye along the fabric fibres.

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