Alkaline Frit

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A highly alkaline frit used as a basis for raku glazes. Produces intense alkaline colours when used with oxides which have a crazed appearance.

Similar to borax frits, alkaline frits are noted for their high soda and potash content. The colour response from copper and manganese is turquoise and purple/brown respectively – typical of this type of frit. Alkaline frits have a high expansion rate which makes them a suitable base for crackle glazes.

Firing Range 860-1060C.

A frit is a type of ceramic glass. It is a combination of materials that, when melted together, are rendered insoluble and resistant to acid attack. They are, therefore, a means of introducing certain materials into a glaze which would otherwise be toxic. Frits can be used alone as low temperature glazes, e.g. raku and majolica, but generally they form the basis of a glaze recipe.

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