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Colour remover for decolourising, bleaching and stain removal.  Remove metal objects from the material or garment prior to decolourising.

Normal decolourising: 

Dissolve two tablespoons (approx 30gm) of COLOUR REMOVER in 3 litres of boiling water, per 250gm fabric.
Immerse fabric in the boiling water, stir constantly for 10 minutes, remove and rinse thoroughly.

Decolourising Batik:
Dissolve two tablespoons (approx 30gm) of COLOUR REMOVER in 2 litres of boiling water, per 125gm fabric, allow to cool to 50°C before adding material.
Immerse for 10 to 15 minutes maintaining temperature at 50°C, then rinse in cold water.
Note: At a lower temperature the decolourising bath loses its effect

Stain Removal: 
COLOUR REMOVER will remove all kinds of stains including colour stains caused by dyes running from other coloured fabrics, fruit, red wine, coffee, tea, cocoa, and ink as well as fresh rust
and iodine stains.

NOTE: as COLOUR REMOVER will not remove all types of dye, it is advisable to try it out first on a small sample.

CAUTION: Keep lid tightly closed and away from children's reach.
Active ingredient Sodium Hydrosulfite

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