Gillespie Borate

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Gillespie Borate is a blended borate mineral for use in glaze formulas replacing Gerstley Borate on a pound-for-pound basis.


Consistency - Manufactured from high purity refined raw materials, Gillespie Borate is highly consistent from batch to batch.

Oxide Match - Virtually identical to Gerstley Borate, this product requires no adjustment to formula and no extra additives are needed.

Mineral Match - Gillespie Borate provides the same minerals to the glaze as Gerstley Borate, thus imparting the same glaze activity, texture and effects.

Particle Size Match - As a 200 mesh material, Gillespie Borate combines well with other glaze raw materials.

Plasticity Match - A high colloid and clay content gives the plasticity necessary for many applications.

Reduced Glaze Defects - Our laboratory studies indicate that Gillespie Borate gives increased glaze surface smoothness and a reduction in crawling and pinhole defects.

Lower In Off-Colour Impurities -- As a refined blended material, Gillespie Borate contains few impurities and produces brighter glazes and colours.



Raku, Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain - Excellent over a wide temperature range from below cone 06 to cone 10

Special Effects - Excellent glaze texture and activity for specialty glazes.

Coloured Glazes - GB works well with most pigments and has an exceptionally wide colour palette.


Recommendations for using Gillespie borate:

  • Do not use excess water in mixing the glaze.
  • Store the wet glaze in an airtight container.
  • When using any substitute material always test it in a small batch of glaze.
  • Test the glaze on the same clay body you will use in production.
  • After applying the glaze to several vertical test tiles place them throughout the kiln.
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